Collection: Carter Pasma

Carter graduated with a BFA in ceramics from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2019. After receiving his undergraduate degree he moved to Bozeman, Montana where he was a post-bac for two years at Montana State University. While at MSU, Pasma learned about wood firing and kiln building. He helped build two kilns at MSU, a down draft soda kiln and a cross draft wood kiln with a shared chimney. Pasma moved from Bozeman, Montana to Logan, Utah where he is currently a graduate student at Utah State University. He is researching cone 10 soda firing, high alumina clays and reduction cooling. Pasma has exhibited his work around the country in numerous galleries and exhibitions. In 2022 he was named as an emerging artist by Ceramics Monthly. In 2023 he published "Tall Watering Can" a how to article on watering cans for Pottery Making Illustrated.